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Craniosacral fascial therapy is the route to better balance, posture, movement
and physical confidence at any



How craniosacral manipulation therapy and other holistic biodynamic therapies aid mobility.


There is so much information about movement, what works, who it works for and by which mechanisms that it can be difficult to know what will work best for you. My approach is always a holistic one [ADD LINK TO THE ABOUT THE WORK PAGE].

I believe that it is hard to improve mobility and flexibility if our bodies are too tight or imbalanced. I work to free myofascial and articular restrictions using craniosacral osteopathy. This then allows us to work together to assess postural and movement restrictions, areas of pain and any underlying fear of movement. 

I also want to help you become more confident in your body and its capabilities. As a qualified craniosacral osteopath [LINK TO THE ABOUT ME PAGE] I have a wide range of experience and knowledge of craniosacral facial therapy, reflexology of the feet, sport science, and wonderful techniques like Alexander, Fekdenkreis, Pilates and Tai Chi.

I can guide you on a journey that will give you a new approach to how you enjoy your physical body.

And, what is good for the body is also good for the mind.






Supporting vitality, balance and awareness as we get older

Heading into our 50s, 60s and 70s many of us miss the golden years of movement when our bodies did our bidding with no questions asked. It’s easy to lose mobility as we age and important that no matter how immobile you feel, you take steps to improve it. 

Enhancing mobility and with that achieving better balance, more physical confidence, sound sleep and an overall improved sense of wellbeing are all still possible as we get older. What’s most important is to know how to move, how much to move and when to do so.

Priorities change. For example, weight bearing exercises for healthy bones become much more important, as does oxygenating the brain to clear your mind, calm your nervous system and reassure yourself that you are still alive.

However immobile you feel because of underlying ailments or illness, there is no reason not to move more – the key is movement with care and attention.

Improving mobility to at any age

For many of us the years from teenage and through our 20s, 30s and 40s are when we can be active, dynamic and strong. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we always have perfect posture or unrestricted movement. Muscularity can be unbalanced or posture lopsided. 

There will also be times when because of stress, [LINK TO STRESS PAGE], acute pain, [LINK TO PAIN PAGE] or other medical reasons you may feel out of touch with your physical self. No matter your level of fitness, or if you are struggling with your weight or the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, I can help you move better and go further and faster.  I will assess your needs, test your limits and then introduce you to techniques and exercises that you can use build on outside the session.




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