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Biodynamic osteopathy cranio sacral massage will help you understand and manage your pain

Acute and chronic pain accounts for more sick days than any other medical problem. Are you just putting up with your pain or is it driving you nuts, making you despondent and leading to negative repercussion.
Untreated acute pain will likely become chronic pain, if not right away then as you age.

Biodynamic osteopathy,  craniosacral  massage and reflexology recognise stress in all its forms as part of our lives.  

I will help you to re-learn how to say no to overwhelm and find your ground again. Negative stress is unproductive and unnecessary, It steals time from us and causes most of our health problems.

Playing Basketball

Negative stress may be physical stress - mental stress - emotional stress.

You might identify with one of these and not so much with the others, or you may be aware of all three.  

There are so many techniques out there, on the internet, phone apps, group classes and books but there is nothing as valuable as taking a look one to one at what will work best for you.

These hands on sessions treat your nervous system, help you to identify where your stress is being held, it's particular nature and how to keep it at bay.

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