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Meet Alison

Certified Health & Wellbeing Practitioner



I have 20 years experience in manual therapies and wellness.  I hold diplomas in Switzerland (CST) and the USA ( NCTMB ) for Integrative Bodywork* and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy* (Biodynamic Osteopathy). For advanced sports massage in the USA, for Biomechanical craniosacral therapy in Spain and in Energy therapies.


Born in the UK, I grew up in Spain and Belgium and studied in the UK, US, India and Switzerland.


In love with nature and always physically active I came to love mountain sports.  This lead to an interest in Osteopathy as a way to help highly active people and the sport professionals around me.

At some point I received a massage as a gift and the therapist did some energy work in her massage.  The effect of her presence, her gentleness, her touch and her caring had such a profound effect. The result was that I thought it the greatest gift I wanted to be able to give to others.

My path,


I started out taking a foundation course in Arizona, USA. At the Arizona School of Integrative Studies. Alongside our practical and medical courses we were taught to really listen to the body.  To have an inquisitive touch and to let the body under our hands be the guide as to how best serve the client.


Working in Jackson Hole, Wy and then back to Chamonix, France I  developed an interest in a Craniosacral therapy and took my licence in Winterthur, Switzerland.


Over the years I was confronted with my own physical problems and a burnout. In learning to care for myself I realised that the work that helped me most was not the classic chiropractic or osteopathic ‘cracking’ manipulations or agressive sports massage but the approaches more in tune with my body in which ever method was applied.



I bring to my work my years of experience as a practitioner and a human being.  I bring my hands, my heart, my intuition and my head into the treatment room.  The various techniques I draw on are listed below and they attest to the hours of training and post graduate training I have undertaken during my career.


My goal is to assist you in attaining a better quality of life on the physical, emotional and psychological levels.  If we can affect one of these, we will effect the others. My goal is to relieve your pain and my hope is for you to have a better understanding of and relationship with your body in order to live a more rewarding life.

  • Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

  • Biomechanical craniosacral therapy (Upledger)

  • Classical/Swedish massage 

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Advanced sports massage and rehabilitation

  • Polarity therapy

  • Fascia therapy

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Structural integration

  • Neuromuscular therapy

  • Reflexology

  • Clinical cupping 

  • Master of Reiki Unitaire Shamballa and Usui

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