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Craniosacral osteopathy
for stress relief

Searching for effective stress management techniques?

Discover the magical relaxation tools of craniosacral osteopathy and reflexology.


Biodynamic osteopathy, craniosacral osteopathy and reflexology are my magical relaxation tools. They are exceptional techniques for encouraging deep, restorative, parasympathetic relaxation, which in turn relieves stress.

Stress forms a part of all our lives, and a small amount can be a good thing, motivating us into action and helping us achieve our goals both personally and professionally.

Too much stress, however, can have a negative impact on our lifestyle and capacity to work. It is often responsible for a host of problems, from poor sleep and bad eating habits to frustration, irritation and mood swings. None of us should underestimate the role stress plays in our life and the impact it might have on our future health.

The key to stress management is learning to relax. That requires us to let go both mentally and physically to allow changes in our nervous system.

Effective relaxation is so much more than the endorphin flow from physical activity, the meditative state of time spent creatively cooking, reading or gardening. Nor is it achieved by spending time as a couch potato.

My craniosacral relief sessions for stress management are designed to treat the nervous system. I will help you to identify where you are holding your stress, its nature and the best stress management techniques for you to use in order to cope when things are tough.

Our nervous system governs everything physical, mental, emotional and hormonal. It comes with two settings, active mode or restorative mode, known as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, respectively. 

Like most things in life, balance is all important. Too much time spent in either state can lead to severe problems. 

To live well and for stress management, it’s essential that we all spend time every day in a parasympathetic state.


Craniosacral osteopathy for stress relief

Stress Management

Stress management therapy – understanding our nervous system
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Working with the parasympathetic nervous system for stress relief


As little as 10 to 20 minutes spent in a deep parasympathetic state is more profoundly relaxing to the human body than a mediocre night’s sleep.

I work with patients to relax them into a deep parasympathetic state during each session. By helping you to recognise these changes, your body can then begin to learn better habits. 

All the apps, classes and books on the subject of managing stress cannot replace the value of working with a craniosacral therapist [LINK TO ABOUT ME] to access your parasympathetic nervous system and then working on a one-to-one basis to identify what is best for you.

Book your first session and discover how craniosacral relief can help you manage your stress load.


Many people think that when we sleep, we naturally relax. In reality, this is often not true. If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed, enthusiastic and filled with energy for the day ahead, then it may be time to consider why not.

Poor sleep is often a key indicator of underlying stress. Learning to access your parasympathetic nervous system and improving sleep habits can help significantly with stress management.

Find out more about my holistic approach to craniosacral therapy, locations, times and ASCA accreditation.

I also offer craniosacral osteopathy for pain management to support the ageing process 


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Improving sleep hygiene
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